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Eylure Australia Facebook page


Deepend was engaged to build an active Aussie Facebook community for #1 UK lash brand Eylure. Eylure’s key objectives were to grow their Australian market share by 39%, create greater awareness of the UK brand within Australia, and position Eylure as ‘Lash Experts’ in a competitive market. 


An initial research phase revealed that Eylure needed to engage two different audience demographics which existed between the years 15 to 34. An in-depth content and Facebook advertising strategy was developed, each which incorporated hot ‘on trend’ content which would drive awareness and sales of the Eylure range, including their new line of Katy Perry lashes. 


Our social media strategy has led to a highly engaged, fast-growing fan base with super-hot content!
-          We smashed our target of 39% growth in the Australian market
-          Beat target of 21,000 fans by June 2013 (25,044 fans June 13’)
-          0.32% Engagement Rating (11% higher than Social Bakers average!)
-          #1 Lash brand in Priceline


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