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Effective Ecommerce development for Australia's most respected Chamber Orchestra


In redeveloping their website, the ACO were seeking to fully integrate the suite of API’s made available by the Tessitura platform. These would all serve to provide access to live rates and inventory, as well as provide for a much more integrated approach to Customer Relationship Marketing.

With a diverse audience, ranging from older musical purists to younger audiences appreciative of the ACO’s skill and contemporary approach, the site had to be both functional and rich in terms of experience.  


With the needs of the audience in mind, Deepend set about developing a highly functional user interface for the ticketing and subscription components. This included system integration of APIs used to enable customers to view rates and availability of specific tickets prior to having to log into the system. 

Ajax was utilised to improve the ticketing experience – allowing amends to ticket selection on the fly, without reloading the page or emptying the users shopping cart. Users are effectively lead through the ticketing process one simple step at a time, always being informed how much further they have to go in the process. 


Learnings have been used year on year to improve and append features to the ticketing process. This year for example, we have included a promotional code component, effectively allowing the ACO to market specific rates and offers to different channels. This approach is allowing the ACO to segment and target specific groups of customers much more effectively.

This has seen online subscriptions grow over 30% year on year, greatly reducing the overhead costs of processing incurred by the Box Office each year. 

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