American Express

Merchant of Finesse

Creating a sales platform to train and assist in converting Merchants


Deepend was asked to rapidly deliver an engaging, desirable knowledge sharing tool that allowed new merchant services staff to conduct self-learning. At the same time, American Express wanted a tool that encouraged existing staff to provide live Q&A sessions with customers.
Traditionally, American Express had a lengthy document of sales information for merchant services staff to digest.This high quality information was becoming so cumbersome that a software solution was required to allow users to navigate, search, digest, and present the valuable sales messages.

Amex quickly needed for a one-stop-shop, easy to use, multi-region compatible tool for training, presentation, and research of highly detailed, region specific, sensitive information and modelling tools. 


Deepend delivered the project using the Deepend Agile process. This meant that while other agencies weren’t able to deliver in the tight timeframe required, Deepend was able to complete the entire project within the six week timeframe, including an additional set of scope added half way through the process.

The product innovation project was delivered on time, and on budget, with a very happy client. Features were specified just-in-time, ensuring the complex problems of the project as a whole was broken down into its smaller, more digestible parts. The result was an easy to use software tool that is supremely logical in its functionality, allowing quick and easy access to the right information at the right time.


Delivering on time and on budget were key metrics of success for the Merchant Tool, and Deepend achieved both with great success. As well as this, the key metric of success was uptake from the merchant services team. The tool was launched with applause from the merchant services sales team, who were enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of the knowledge management system that would supersede their outdated approach.