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With their business geared around providing white labelled technology solutions for processing loans and mortgages, Loan Services Australia (LSA) were perfectly poised to be first to market with an online-only mortgage fullfullment brand. The ultimate goal was to provide simple, financial autonomy for a customer base that was increasingly digitally savvy.

In order to build an audience base quickly, the site had to inspire confidence and trust that the processing was legitimate and that customers would be able to process their loan quickly and efficiently. 


Utilising a combination of our inhouse video production team and our user interface skillset, Deepend set about developing a prototype to take to market. The site used an ever present video based avatar, so as to increase trust and maintain a connection to what was previously only achievable in the real world. In depth user-interface studies were used to separate the mortgage application process into a series of more palatable stages, so as to maximise completion rates.


The resulting prototype built trust in the concept and the brand, the friendly face of the video avatar providing a personal touch in the face of human intervention. Content and navigation was dynamically displayed based on the users requirements. 
The resulting platform went a long way to building brand awareness and securing the necessary funding to build a serious commitment to developing an online-only mortgage application platform.
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Buying A House in a Couple of Clicks