What Are You Having For Dinner?

Creating a platform to inspire at mealtimes


Continental were looking to make a step change in customer’s perception from simple and convenient to being viewed as innovative and inspiring. They needed a solution that communicated Continental products could inspire meal times and infuse flavour twists to keep family menus interesting. The three growth drivers for Continental included:
1)      Real food: Reassure customers of products goodness & great taste
2)      Variety and excitement: Providing meal inspiration through new recipes, flavour “twists”and ideas
3)      Top dish penetration: New ways to get more from your favourite dishes

A key challenge the brand faced was convincing customers of Continental’s “Real Food” credentials given that they were known as a purely convenient packaged food.  


Continental’s customers are majority mums who are always looking for new and challenging ways of providing their families with simple and fresh meals. We transformed Continental.com.au into a hub for tasty meal inspirations - a continuously updated resource for recipes. The site was developed as an open community, fully integrated with Facebook enabling all content e.g. Recipes, Videos etc... to be rated, commented on and shared via Facebook.
Leveraging the offline partnership with Better Homes & Gardens, the site featured videos of TV presenter Jo Griggs cooking various meals with Continental Products. Being a 360 degree digital solution, other features of this project included a Social competition featuring renowned celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, Digital Media featured on Channel 7’s Better Homes & Website Site and eDMs. 


The key measure of the success of this campaign was engagement with rates over 3x higher than on the previous Continental site. The new site also saw 2x more people view a receipe than the previous one. The homepage bounce rate dropped 1/3 from 33% to 24% and the Digital Media was successsful with our OTP converting at 11.3% and June promotional activity convertising at 11.2%. 
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What Are You Having For Dinner?
3x Engagement
Bounce rate dropped 1/3 from 33% to 24%