Sensationally Social Soup

Using social media to promote the social nature of soup sipping


With sales in steady decline and needing to reconnect with a younger market, Continental developed Cup-a-Soup Sensations. This new gourmet soup range urgently needed to launch in the middle of the hot Australian summer.


An exclusive sampling campaign for brand advocates to build an appetite for Sensations before they hit the shelves. Launched in social media sphere of Facebook, Cup-a-Soup fans were given the chance to be the first to try a free sample of Sensations. To extend the reach, Fans were given the ability to invite two friends to also claim a free sample too. The campaign was supported with Facebook media, in addition to an eDM sent out to the Unilever database. 


A groundswell of excitement built amongst fans and the campaign achieved 1.14M unique visitors during the campaign period.
The campaign also has the highest Facebook Engagement Rate in Australia of 0.599% and with 30K new Facebook fans the page experienced a huge 250% increase. At the close of the campaign, over 22K samples had been distributed and Cup-A-Soup enjoyed a 4% national Dry Soup category growth, as well as a 82.6% share of the category; the highest in 5 years.
The campaign became a Unilever global best practice.
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Sensationally Social Soup
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in Australia of 0.599%