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Creating a best practice social strategy for the Ferrero Australia Facebook Page


Deepend launched the Ferrero Chocolates Australia Facebook page with a huge success of 60,000 fans accumulated in the first quarter. Less than a year later the page had tipped well over 100,000 fans, and Ferrero engaged Deepend to develop an overarching social media strategy that would help achieve three goals within 12 months.
-Minimise media spend through increasing effectiveness of Facebook advertising
-Reach and engage the key demographics that are most active on the page.
-Drive more traffic to their e-Commerce site, Ferrero Boutique, from Facebook.


The first step in the development of our strategic plan was focused around a detailed audience mapping process.  This target audience research phase provided us with invaluable insights into the specific groups of people who love Ferrero and were most likely to purchase from the luxury e-Commerce store. 
The team focused on data analysis of the results of the Ferrero Christmas Campaign. The campaign had positioned Ferrero Boutique banner ads across a selection of websites and we wanted to find out which of these sites had produced the highest conversion rates.  
Once we had our top performing sites, profiling enabled the team to develop a tailored media and content strategy. Each strategy needed to complement the annual campaigns run by Ferrero including Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Easter, which were the peak selling opportunities for the luxury chocolate brand.
Deepend pitched the idea of a regular design budget which enabled the content to be unique, with designs created from Ferrero assets. Our creative idea used the Ferrero chocolates as characters in the designs. These characters brought the designs to life, placing the much loved product as the heart of each image and making the content even more engaging for fans. Our audience insights helped shape four relevant content themes which appealed to both psychographic groups. 
The resulting media strategy targeted these groups through tailored Facebook ads that were purchased at various intervals throughout the year, particularly during campaigns and specific occasions.  The media creative was also tailored to each of the psychographic profiles to optimise our click through rates. 



The results have been outstanding. The Deepend team have been able to deliver above all our targets and KPI’s for all three objectives. 

Media Effectiveness
We have successfully optimised and reduced media spend with targeted and regularly monitored ads.
-Our average Click per Acquisition (CPA) is 1/8 of the industry average at $0.25. 
-We have grown the fan base by over 100%, with140K new fans in 12 months. The page now exceeds 300K fans. 
Our goal was to engage at an industry leading level, with 2x higher engagement rates than industry average. 
-The page has an average engagement rate of f4 times the industry average at 0.79%. 
-The page is consistently placed in top 20 Australian Pages for Engagement Rate (outside of high-engagement campaign periods). It is currently in the top 10 Social Bakers FMCG Australian Facebook fan page. 
-The content has seen remarkable virality rates, with the Australia Day post alone reaching 18%. That’s a whopping 15% higher than the average virality rate for Facebook fan page posts. 
-On average the Facebook content reaches an impressive virality rate of around 7%. 
Traffic Referrals 
Traffic referrals to the Ferrero Boutique have also increased substantially. 
-We smashed the referral target by 100% with Facebook now responsible for 20% of all referrals to the boutique.
-The Ferrero Boutique has experienced an 82% increase in revenue by Facebook referrals compared with the previous year. 
-The Facebook audience spend on average 25% more than organic and direct traffic.
Global Best Practice 
The Australian Ferrero Facebook page has been recognised as Global best practice, with our strategy making it to the Ferrero HQ in Italy. 
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