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Delivering a successful social media campaign


Having successfully grown a 70,000-Fan Facebook presence, Deepend began formulating the next phase of Ferrero’s Facebook strategy, including how best to utilise their Facebook media budget to increase Fan acquisition, drive awareness of the Ferrero Boutique on Facebook, and sustain Fan engagement.
Due to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, which dictates which content is served to Fans’ News Feeds, Ferrero’s Post Reach had depreciated over time, leading to a drop in overall engagement between Ferrero and its Fans.

Ferrero’s strategy had also pivoted from the first phase of communicating their re-branding, to a more sales-driven approach based on driving traffic to the Ferrero Boutique, particularly around key occasions throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day. 


Deepend created a social media and content plan aimed at boosting engagement with existing Fans, acquiring new Fans from demographics most likely to purchase, and targeted occasion-specific campaigns aimed at driving traffic to the online store.

Facebook Sponsored Stories were crafted to target Friends of Friends to join the Page, based on evidence that this segment is rich territory for low Cost Per Fan acquisitions. Sponsored Stories were also used to serve Page content to Fans via ad placements, re-engaging Fans whose News Feeds Ferrero had dropped off. Finally, Facebook Marketplace Ads were used to drive users to the Facebook Boutique during key gift occasions, utilising targeted, demographic-relevant creative and multi-variant testing. 


The Ferrero Facebook Ad campaign has successfully re-engaged a lapsed audience and tripled the average Page engagement rate to 3 times the Facebook Page average. 75,000 Fans have been acquired over 8 months, at an average cost of around $0.30 Per Fan – less than 6 times the industry average of $2.00 Per Fan. In addition, Facebook referral traffic to the retail site has doubled over the campaign period, and Facebook currently makes up around 20% of all referral traffic to 

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