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Integrating successful competition engine mechanics


FOX8 regularly run brand sponsored competitions for their audience. As a key revenue stream for the website, the competitions they run need to be engaging. They range from uploads, to games of skill, and games of chance.
Aside from sponsored competitions, FOX8 needed a way to collect User Generated Content such as cast-calls, and content uploads for use on air.
Deepend needed to create an engine that allowed them to deploy competitions of this nature at the drop of a hat, all by an administrator. 


Deepend delivered a robust web design and CMS to manage the competition engine that allows FOX8 to create and manage competitions on their site. As well as this, the competition forms are user focused, delivering clear user feedback on errors of entry.
The engine allows for customisation of field titles, content uploads, legals, and of course the skin of the competition.
Multiple competitions are possible, all with varying requirements. A full suite of admin tools allows FOX8 to monitor entries, and access User Generated Content uploads directly.


FOX8 now has a hyper-flexible competition engine appropriate for sponsored competitions, UGC promotions, and more. A truly integrated on-air experience requires fast deployment, flexible setup, and great usability.
FOX8 now have all three at their fingertips.
The seamless in-house deployments have built a robust user base for remarketing and new advertiser campaigns. 
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