All the Cool Kids Watch it... Do You?

Developing the home of Australia's biggest Pay TV channel


Deepend were approached by FOX8 to reskin their existing site in line with a rebrand of the channel. This presented an opportunity to place the site at the heart of FOX8’s media offering. Deepend were tasked with delivering a site that outstripped new competitors in the market, Channel 11.

Not only did it have to be done quickly, cheaply, and with the highest quality results in mind, the team had to start developing before the brand was complete to meet timelines.


Deepend drew on past experience to create a vision for the best TV site offering on the market. A robust solution, solid content delivery, and clean and clear design were at the core.
Employing the Deepend Agile methodology, Deepend were able to commence delivering on day 1. An evolutionary web design and development process allowed new ideas to come to the fore, emerging requirements to be dealt with, and a creative approach was taken to problems without affecting budget. 


The new site is 3 times faster to load than its predecessor and was benchmarked to well above 5,000 concurrent users (that's over 650,000 hits per day).
This robust performance has lead to a 250% increase in share of visits that engage with video content, with a 20% increase in visitation to key show pages. These statistics highlight the increased usability and speed of the new site. This has also contributed to a 27% increase in session length on the site. 
Promax World Gold Awards
Network / Channel / Station / Platform Website
3x Faster to Load
over 650,000 hits per day!
250% visit increase
7% increase in session length on the site