I am Lion, Hear Me Roar

PaddlePop Bringing Lick-a-Prize online, and making it more than just a competition


Paddlepop Lick-A-Prize has become an iconic part of the Australian summer.
However, running it had become a logistics nightmare. It has over 25,000 prizes so the sheer number of sticks being posted through Australia Post were beginning to break their sorting machines. The manual verification of those sticks had become too costly to manage.

Deepend helped Unilever AU to create a business case and digital strategy that would keep Lick-A-Prize alive. To do this it would need to make online the hub of the campaign. The proposal involved the creation of a custom prize fulfilment system especially tailored for the ‘match and win’ promotion.  


We created a bespoke Lick-A-Prize platform with a core suite of features that can be added to and enhanced each year.  A drag and drop engine allows kids to easily personalise their potential prize giving them a greater attachment to it. A ‘Wall of Fame’ showcases those designs and allows the Paddlepop community to vote. And a ‘Stick Manager’ allows kids to enter their stick codes online and handles all communications between the winners and the fulfilment house.
Over time we have incorporated the Paddlepop Lion’s first and second feature length movies on the site and created a special online quest full of games, puzzles and challenges that mimic the movie story line. The online quest is integrated with an unlock feature whereby kids can reveal special downloads and features for interacting with the site.

All of these features are also replicated outside the site within digital media. The Wall of Fame banner highlights a live feed of prize designs encouraging users to create their own, a Latest Winner banner showcases prize winners as they occur. All digital media feature the users closest to your location, maximising your chance of seeing somebody you know. 


 Since taking Lick-A-Prize online we have had some really fantastic results. The 2009/10 site boasted an average time on site of 9 minutes which increased to 15 minutes in 2010/11 and an amazing 21 minutes in 2011/2012.

The 2009/10 site delivered over 110,000 prize designs which in 2010/11 increased to 240,000. These generated over 6 million views / votes.
In terms of sales, we have had over 240,000 stick codes entered in 2009/10 which we increased to over 440,000 in both 2010/11 and 2011/12 campaigns
Those engagement levels are amazing. We have now positioned Australia as the leaders of the region and we are in talks to implement our Lick-A-Prize platform across the entire Asian territory. 
IAB Awards
Direct Response and Lead Generation
The Communicator Awards
Award of Excellence - Children