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Selling Sydney's Best

Effectively communicating a complex ticketing offer through good post production


In 2011 the Merlin Entertainment Group acquired a host of iconic Sydney attractions such as Sydney Aquarium, WILD LIFE Sydney and Sydney Tower Eye.  Struggling to communicate their experiential product through static advertising, Merlin engaged Deepend to produce a TVC which would communicate the experience of the attractions and drive sales of their Combo 3 Pass.


Deepend created a television commercial (TVC) which brought to life the unique experience of visiting these attractions. It highlighted the great value of the Combo 3 Pass that allowed visitors to visit all three attractions for a very attractive price. The spot aired on Channel 10, with the TVC driving people online to purchase the pass.


The TVC directly impacted online. Traffic to the Combo 3 section of the Sydney Aquarium site increased 70% against the 3 month average (March-May). It also translated to sales, with online sales of Combo 3 passes increasing 88% during the campaign period (vs. 3 month average).

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Selling Sydney's Best