Fostering Good Grades

Continuously improving Australia's number one kids site


Deepend has worked closely with Nickelodeon since 2006 to develop its online presence and increase the engagement of its many fans. Over time we have been fortunate to turn ‘The Nick Shack’ into the no.1 commercial kids’ site in Australia that boasts in excess of 2.5 million page impressions every month.

The advertising revenue associated with those 2.5 million page impressions is now fundamental to the Nickelodeon business model. We have sought to increase this traffic, hence revenue, through an ongoing test-and-learn ethos which we call Continuous Improvement. 


What Continuous Improvement aims to do is put measurement, accountability and reporting at the heart of every decision that we make. It is applying a new level of science to how we provide creative to ‘The Nick Shack’ by removing all subjectivity and guesswork to our recommendations.
Each month the team gears their thinking around an analysis of the previous month’s performance. Through detailed diagnostic reporting and sophisticated analytical tools, such as heatmapping and website analytics, we drill deeper into the site performance and can literally gain a real time picture of the shifts in user behaviours and interactions.

We utilise A-B & multivariate testing to create multiple versions of different pages, modules, buttons and text to send different audience segments to these different versions. We then optimise based on the concepts, layouts or designs that demonstrate the most ROI. 


Over the past 6 months we have introduced a whole range of updates to the website which have incrementally made a great impact to the business.
All in all, over the course of 6 consecutive months we managed to increase the traffic to the Nickelodeon website by 275 thousand page views each month. Of course, we are continually improving the site but projected that current increase, over a period of 12 months, equates to 3.3 million page views which represent an increase of 52% on the previous year.

Our relationship with Nickelodeon, and indeed all of our key clients, is now one of genuine partnership where we are using digital to add value to the bottom line of their businesses.  

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Fostering Good Grades
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