Sydney Festival

This is Our City In The Summer

Using post production to bring Sydney's biggest festival to life


Deepend’s relationship with the Sydney Festival has now continued into its 5th year, taking a fresh new approach to the 2009 TVC and the 'This is Our City in Summer' core branding. 
Coinciding with Fergus Linehan's last year as Festival director, Deepend were given the challenge of breathing new life into the well established Sydney Festival branding and prior television commercials TVCs, building the Festival reputation as an inaugural part of the City of Sydney's diverse cultural calendar, and enabling Fergus' final year to go off with a bang! 


The  TVC wanted to take the festival back to the streets, giving the people of Sydney a feeling of greater involvement.
International beat boxing sensation Reggie Watts, who was to appear in the 2009 Festival Season, was flown out by the Sydney Festival to be the face of the TVC.

Reggie, followed closely by the Deepend camera crew, beat boxed on the streets of Sydney in 6 different locations with his trusty looping pedals, inviting passers-by, young and old, to participate.  


The TVC aired on Channel 9 Sydney and Melbourne as well as inbound National and International Qantas flights to the east coast

All the various faces of Sydney, from buskers to tourists, party goers to parents, all people young and old appear in the festival advertisements, creating a TVC which represents Sydney and the Festival as it is intended - for the people. 

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