Panning the Flash

Developing a rich, mobile and tablet compatible, web platform for Australia's biggest pay TV channel


With the rapid growth of tablet and mobile browsing habits, FOX8 needed a completely new technical approach to delivering their online experience. Flash was out, audiences were expecting the same level of experience in HTML and CSS.

The new FOX8 site had to evolve from what was a rich televisual style experience with an emphasis on presentation into an efficient and effective content delivery platform that retained a beautiful and usable interface. 


Deepend approached the design of the FOX8 responsive site in a fundamentally different way to its predecessor. Beginning with a content outline and information structures, we developed a set of User Experiences that followed a user throughout the various site content areas and features. 

Once we had a clear vision for User Experience across the entire site we approached the design of various features and functionality. This experience lead design meant the design always had clear purpose, a clear understanding of the new tablet and mobile contexts as well as the heartland of the PC context.   


The presentation layer delivered was clean, bold, lightweight, touch-friendly, and above all fast loading. The solution guaranteed a beautiful experience along-side a fast experience under the most extreme of loads.
The site “feels” amazing on tablets. Visually stunning, with touch-friendly buttons, a user can easily navigate all content, engage with video content. No specific tablet optimisation was required, the site performed brilliantly out of the box.  
A dramatic improvement was noted on performance, particularly under peak-load periods.
Promax World Gold Awards
Network / Channel / Station / Platform Website
3x faster at peak
Twice the engagement on tablets & mobile