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Developing a mobile platform for Australia's biggest gifting site


Deepend and Nomad were engaged to create a mobile optimised version of Red Balloon’s e-commerce site. 

Containing around 3000 gift options across multiple categories, the mobile site had to present the user with an intuitive, streamlined browsing experience and solutions to share, follow up or purchase.  


Deepend and Nomad developed a responsive web designed site that caters for quick and easy gift searching, taking users on a “learn, choose, buy” journey. 
The mobile site incorporates social media and sharing tools allowing users to follow up gift ideas when back on their PC. 

The mobile site is integrated with Red Balloon’s content management system meaning updates to the PC site are reflected automatically on the mobile site, saving double handling and additional work for the Red Balloon team.  


The mobile site has greatly increased traffic across the “learn, choose, buy” journey.

Of note, is the amount of users completing a research session and picking up where they left off on PC to complete a purchase.  

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Balloons, Anywhere, Anytime