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The Jewel In The Crown

Creating an online presence for Australia's latest Tourism wonder-development


Saffire is a boutique, exclusive retreat developed by the Federal Group on the Freycinet peninsula. The property houses a maximum of 40 guests and provides a high standard of 5-Star accommodation and services. Initially the property was represented by a fairly simple website that was developed as an online translation of existing print collateral. Deepend were tasked with creating a site representative of such a luxurious property, whilst ensuring a simple enough platform to allow the site to work on a number of devices.  


The resulting site exhibits a fine balance between showcasing the features of the property and location, whilst still delivering on the technical requirements, such as content management and SEO.

The CMS allows website administrators to not only manage the structure and content of the site, but also provides them with a simple to use creative platform; the hero feature module detects the number of images and animations supplied in the CMS, and accordingly acts as a masthead or slideshow, all integrating with the wave device inherited from the brand style guide. 


Comparing site visitation statistics in the first month after launch, against figures for the same period; unique visitors had increased from 737 to 12,956 (an increase of 1,657.94%), page views had increased from 7,816 to 62,836 (an increase of 703.94%) and time spent on the site had increased from 2:40 to 3:33 (an increase of 33.09%)

As well as the raw statistics, the website also delivers on the aspirational look and feel of the luxurious property, rich with video and photo galleries to bring the experience to life. 

Aspirational look
Time spent on the site increased by 33.09%