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Developing an online platform for Australia's biggest serviced office provider


Servcorp offer services for virtual and serviced offices in over 20 countries across the globe. Operating in a highly competitive category, Servcorp’s point of difference stems from the ability for their clients to sign up and be operational within minutes, thanks to their superior technology platform.
The role of the website is to educate potential customers on how Servcorp can help their business, and generate leads in the form of sales enquiries. Unfortunately, the message was being lost in a site that was overly technical and didn’t represent the sophisticated range of products that Servcorp had to offer – it was just too hard to understand.

Site statistics confirmed the problem: website visitors weren’t able to find content that was relevant to them, and as a result weren’t converting by submitting an enquiry. This was a problem that needed to be fixed – and fast! 


Deepend produced a new website design and platform that was designed to better portray Servcorp’s industry leading status. The new design was used as an opportunity to refresh the company’s aging style guide, bringing the look of the brand more in line with customer expectations of a key business partner. This new stylistic direction was promptly implemented across all communication channels to ensure consistency in all marketing materials.
Due to the volume of potential leads being lost, Servcorp’s online team were under immense pressure to launch a new platform fast. The website build was delivered using Deepend Agile Scrum methodology, delivering a finished solution within 10 weeks of commencement.

A detailed audience segmentation and analysis ensured the content structure of the new website was designed specifically to ensure people could find the information that was most relevant to them, thereby increasing their likelihood to submit a sales enquiry. 


The new website immediately delivered strong results in all the right places: exposure of relevant content pages jumped dramatically, with 38% more website visitors accessing specific Servcorp office location pages. The number of people viewing Meeting Room products more than doubled, rising from 5% of total site traffic to 12%.
With an increased share of site visitors accessing content more relevant to their needs, the website began to immediately generate higher levels of sales interest, with a 30% increase in users navigating to a lead generating enquiry form within the first month of launch.

The success of the Servcorp Australia website has been recognised as global best practice across the entire organisation; the design, functionality and content structure has been quickly duplicated by Servcorp’s presences in Japan and France, with all remaining global Servcorp markets currently in the process of following suit. 

Global Best Practice
replicated across 19 Servcorp markets worldwide