Standing Up Big For Small

Creating a brand ambassador for a new product category


As an insurance broker, Aon negotiates with insurers to get the best deal for customers and acts as an advocate for small business. It helps to protect the livelihoods of small business owners by securing the most appropriate insurance products for their specific industry needs, and by presenting tailored solutions at a competitive price.

Although small business owners have very different businesses and professions, they face common challenges and have similar attitudes towards insurance. However research showed that small businesses lacked an understanding of the risks they face and what insurance types are relevant to their business. They also had limited awareness of the products available to them.


A campaign was launched to speak to the common issues and risks faced by these businesses and provide relevant information to assist them in navigating the complex topic of business risk and insurance solutions.

The aim of the campaign was to primarily drive existing and prospective customers to a new consumer website where they could find out more; it was also to build brand equity and establish relevance for Aon among small business.
The online maketing campaign needed a way to engage small business in an innovative and unique way, therefore the character ‘Sam Small’ was created. Sam is an advocate for small business, and has become a spokesperson to provide information and answer questions from small businesses on the things that keep them awake at night.

A ‘teaser’ video was launched to introduce Sam, and a series of episodes will follow. The campaign used tactical media elements including digital banners and eDMs, as well as a promotional mechanic (competition) to engage small business owners within the new website and provide relevant information to them.


Initial results show a marked increase in organic search rankings for key phrases – traffic the client would otherwise have had to pay for via SEM campaigns. Whilst still in its early stages, the client is already looking to expand upon the campaign and use it as the platform for building its brand in a new market segment. The campaign is supported by the new Aon small business website, also showing encouraging results at this early stage. Read more here.

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Standing Up Big For Small
A marked increase in
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