Sturgeon Magazine

Online Arts Magazine Development


The Australian government art acquisition program Artbank approached Deepend to create an online space to support the release of their first annual magazine Sturgeon.
Our brief was to create a destination that promoted the magazine by showcasing articles, photo essays, interviews, videos and also allowed for advertising. The challenge was to create a CMS that gave enough flexibility to the editors to be able to add articles of any type with ease for the creation of future editions.


Building the online magazine in WordPress provided the Artbank team with an easily manageable content entry interface with a number of templates to choose from in order to create magazine quality pages online. The WordPress CMS also allowed to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of the site content.


The website was built to be fully responsive with a parallax scroll design giving it a very contemporary feel and makes flicking from one article to the next seamless. 


The results for Sturgeon Magazine have been incredible and only continue to exceed the client's expectations. All 3 month benchmark KPI’s set for the website were exceeded within 4 weeks, including:
  • Time on site KPI exceeded by 150% Number of unique visitors KPI to the
  • site exceeded by 220%
  • Subscription KPI exceeded by 80%.


Time on site KPI
exceeded by 150%