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Sydney Symphony Season Launch 2012

Incorporateing a solution for selling packages into an existing shopping cart and checkout process


Between August and October every year our arts clients release their production offering for the next season. Offering a higher number of performances than most other arts institutions in Sydney, SSO have the mammoth task of co-ordinating a significant amount of content for each new launch. The Sydney Symphony website and CMS was inherited from another agency, and without full access to the source code development has often been challenging. Deepend was required to incorporate a solution for selling packages into an existing shopping cart and checkout process.

The target audience was primarily existing SSO customers who wanted to purchase the same combination of packages as the previous year, or who were looking for ‘bulk buy’ discount.


Deepend streamlined this process by making the technical implementation as smooth as possible. Therefore a number of features were added. Deepend’s involvement includes performing the CMS ingestion, whereby new Tessitura content is ingested into the Umbraco CMS, and cached for use on the website.  SSO’s business rules often require their shopping cart to offer special event add-ons and up-sells, so Deepend assists by building this complex logic into the cart.


In just a 2 week period since 2013 season launch, the new web platform has significantly improved on the performance of it’s predecessor. 
Conversion to purchase has increased to 3%, volume of transactions is up 30% year on year and revenue is up 16% year on year. With the increased quiver of sales tools available to site admin, this augers well for a very successful year ahead.  
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Sydney Symphony Season Launch 2012