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Evolving MONA's ticketing system for The Red Queen exhibition


The Red Queen hypothesis states that organisms must adapt or die; with the exponential growth of the MONA website, coping with bookings for the upcoming Red Queen exhibition would require adaptability and evolution in spades. Succeeding the highly successful Theatre of the World exhibition, the Red Queen exhibition and its subsequent package booking system, needed to be as seamless and comprehensive as its predecessor but with a more robust and user friendly experience. 


Deepend built an ecommerce solution that further improved the original system providing a more compelling user experience that ensured drop off rates when the customer reached the payment wall were quelled. The most challenging component of this project was redesigning the packages landing page and adding in a background process to run availability checks for accommodation, all of which Deepend successfully incorporated into the site.


With the key success indicator being increasing conversion rates, particularly around accommodation, the new packages booking system ticked all the boxes. With over 70% of traffic to the site being return visitors and almost 30% of total traffic funnelling through to the final stages of purchase, the Mona website holds true to the Red Queen hypothesis. 

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Which Way I Ought To Go From Here?